We utilize rope techniques to access a variety of structures, including stadiums, bridges, building exteriors, confined spaces and more. We perform a broad range of work, including installations and inspections for many industrial and commercial needs. We employ IRATA/SPRAT trained technicians, adhering to the safest and broadest international standards, to provide, safe, fast, low impact access solutions.

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Advertising Banners/Signage

Harrington is experienced in installing wire frame banners and implementing new installations on building exteriors. We install a variety of signs, lettering and adhesive banners for clients like Nordstrom, Adidas, Nike, Pacific Science Center and Paramount Theatre.


Harrington performs installations including speakers and sound equipment, cabling, wiring Wi-Fi equipment, etc. We do general maintenance and cleaning, as well as larger installations.


We can assist larger construction projects with access and confined space needs, working where lifts and scaffolding are impractical.


Harrington performs inspections on all manner of structure to suit the client’s needs, including visual inspections and assisting CE’s in structural analysis. We can also assist with building exterior maintenance.


We provide access and equipment to get your workers wherever they need to go. We rig for rescue to safely and effectively get electricians, inspectors and other tradesmen to hard to reach places.