We are a full service tower company, working on guyed and self-supported lattice towers, monopole towers, and other specialized structures. Our workers are trained in tower safety and rescue, tower maintenance and inspection, and repairing and maintaining outdoor transmitting and monitoring equipment.

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We can give you practical information about your tower’s condition quickly and affordably. The inspections we can perform include:
-Physical inspection of the steel structure (paint condition, bolt tightness, wear or damage, etc.)
-Antenna inspection, including: coax condition, antennas and radomes, antenna mounts, coax hangers and grounding kits, etc.
-Other components, including lights, lightning rods, detuning equipment, etc.
-Tower plumb and guy tension
-Periodic lighting and site inspections

We work with customers to decide what the inspection should include, from a simple determination of tower condition to more detailed, thorough reports.

We can assist Professional Engineers in gathering data in the field when a PE’s stamp is required.

Tower mapping

When retrofits are being planned or engineers are seeking stress analysis or wind loading on towers, we are called in to perform more exact measurements. We gather data on sizes of tower components, antennas, coaxes and other appurtenances. Harrington measures tower member sizes and verifies antenna heights, dimensions, and azimuths. We provide information through photographs, drawings or spreadsheets.

Antenna Installation

We install all types of antennas, two-way whip antennas, dishes (small satellite receivers, terrestrial microwave, and tower-mounted dishes) broadcast FM and TV antennas as well as all associated coax cabling and waveguide. We peak satellite and microwave dishes, help tune FM and TV antennas, and assist in AM sample loop installation and testing.


We perform repairs on towers, lights, antennas and any other tower equipment or structural members during tower upgrades. We troubleshoot damaged antennas and lighting, including LED and strobe systems. We repair or replace tower-mounted cameras and instruments and locate damage to waveguide or coax. We can respond quickly to an off-air situation.

Site Survey

We have performed site surveys for large site ownership and maintenance companies, for due diligence or pre-purchase inspections, data collection for new acquisitions, or periodic evaluation and maintenance schedules.


We do small self-supported or guyed tower construction projects, including foundations and guy anchors. We install towers under 300’ with low section weights.


We are experienced in painting a variety of towers of all heights, including large urban self-supported towers in need of full containment. We offer spraying or paint mitt application.

Wind Energy

For the wind energy industry, we have performed work on MET towers for site inspections, boom installation, instrument repair, maintenance and installation. We have IRATA and SPRAT certified Rope Access technicians for work on towers or turbines.